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Frequently Asked Questions about the ERGOZ Desk

Find the answers right here:
No assembly is required for the ERGOZ desk; it comes fully assembled and is ready to use straight out of the box.
Absolutely! Our weightless height adjustment mechanism allows easy alteration of the desk's height with a light touch, designed around a monitor weight of about 5kg/11lbs. Depending on the weight of the items on the desk, the necessary force for adjustment might vary slightly.
Currently, the ERGOZ desk is available in a universal size featuring a black powder-coated frame paired with a light vapor gray desktop complemented by an oak edge, offering both style and sophistication.
Yes, the ERGOZ desk offers smooth, stepless height adjustment, allowing you to find your perfect working position, whether sitting or standing.
Absolutely, the ERGOZ desk facilitates both sitting and standing positions, enabling an easy transition between the two to suit your comfort throughout the day.
The ERGOZ desk operates without a battery or electrical input; it utilizes a manual weightless technology mechanism for height adjustments, ensuring you have a reliable desk at all times.
Yes, we've designed the ERGOZ desk with environmental sustainability at the forefront. It employs high-quality recyclable materials for its construction, promoting a greener workspace.
To maintain the pristine condition of your ERGOZ desk, clean it with a dry cloth or use a damp cloth with mild soap for more stubborn marks. Avoid abrasive cleaners to prevent damage to the surface.
Yes, safety is a priority in the design of the ERGOZ desk. The desk moves only when the button is engaged, with soft close mechanism that slow down the movement to prevent pinching. Moreover, it features a lifting strap for safe transportation. We encourage users to exercise caution during adjustments.

Yes, we provide competitive shipping rates throughout Europe and can facilitate international shipping upon request. For further details, please contact

Yes, the ERGOZ desk is compatible with various accessories including standing mats. We also offer a range of tested add-ons like our StepUp™ accessory to enhance your experience and encourage healthier work habits.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dynamii Ergonomic Chair

Discover the answers right here:
How long does it take to assemble the Dynamii chair?
The Dynamii chair is crafted with an emphasis on ergonomics and comfort. It activates and strengthens the spine muscles while providing the flexibility to easily transition between sitting and standing positions, offering optimum support and relief for the user.
With our user-friendly touch-adjustment feature, you can customize the Dynamii chair to your desired height with just a simple touch, tailored to meet individual needs and guarantee maximum comfort.
Absolutely, the Dynamii chair comes with a cutting-edge non-slip base, ensuring a stable and secure surface, no matter your movement.
Designed with mobility in mind, the Dynamii chair features convenient handles, making it easy to move and transport, allowing you to work comfortably anywhere.
The Dynamii chair offers unparalleled seating comfort with its specially designed foam seat that molds to and supports the unique contours of your body.
Absolutely! The Dynamii chair is built to enhance user health and productivity. It aids in reducing leg strain and fortifies the core muscles, turning extended standing periods into a pure delight.
Indeed, you can. The Dynamii chair offers seamless and continuous height adjustment, letting you find your ideal working height, whether sitting or standing. The chair can reach a maximum height of 85 cm.
Definitely, the Dynamii chair is conceived to support both seated and standing work positions, making it effortless to alternate between the two throughout the day.
Yes, environmental sustainability has been a priority in the design of Dynamii. It's made from high-quality recyclable materials, and its durable construction ensures longevity.
The Dynamii chair is centered around spinal health and may aid in reinforcing the muscles surrounding the spine. However, we always recommend that those with existing back concerns consult a healthcare professional before using any new ergonomic furnishings.
Absolutely, the Dynamii chair comes with a 5-year warranty. We stand behind our product and aim to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase.
You can watch a demonstration of the Dynamii chair in the video provided above.

Frequently Asked Questions about the StepUp Ergonomic Platform

Discover the answers right here:
StepUp is intricately designed with a keen focus on ergonomics and standing comfort. Its unique imbalance feature activates and strengthens core muscles, promoting a healthy posture, thus elevating your standing experience remarkably.
StepUp provides a distinctive stimulation experience that both activates and massages your feet. Its innovative design offers versatility and optimal support for your feet.
Absolutely! Just turn StepUp over to experience a different kind of foot stimulation, allowing you to change up your experience throughout the day.
Yes, the StepUp platform boasts an anti-slip design, ensuring that the platform remains stable, no matter your movement.
StepUp has been crafted with mobility in mind and is both lightweight and portable. This makes it a breeze to carry the platform with you, wherever you work.
Without a doubt! StepUp is engineered to boost your health and well-being during standing tasks. It promotes enhanced blood circulation and core muscle activation, making standing periods exceptionally comfortable.
Yes, we place a high emphasis on the environment in StepUp's design. The platform is made from responsibly sourced materials and is FSC-certified, guaranteeing a sustainable production process.
Yes, the StepUp platform comes with a 2-year warranty. We stand firmly behind our product, ensuring our customers are fully satisfied.
You can catch a glimpse of how the StepUp platform operates in the video above.

Frequently Asked Questions about LaptUp Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Discover the answers right here:
LaptUp is meticulously designed with a keen focus on laptop ergonomics. By elevating your laptop, it ensures an optimum eye level, actively reducing unnecessary neck and back strains. This transformation significantly improves your laptop usage experience.
Absolutely! LaptUp's versatile design includes telescopic legs that adjust to support a wide range of laptop sizes. It ensures a snug fit, providing an ergonomic experience tailored to your device's dimensions.
LaptUp offers easy angle adjustments. By simply clicking the button, you can modify the angle of the stand to optimize screen view, reduce glare, and create the most comfortable and ergonomic laptop viewing experience for you.
LaptUp is not only sleek and lightweight but is also designed to fold into a compact constellation, making it perfect for on-the-go professionals. Its portability ensures ergonomic laptop use is achievable wherever you are.
Yes, LaptUp incorporates an anti-slip design. This guarantees that your laptop remains stable and secure, even on varied surfaces.
Yes, LaptUp's versatile and adjustable design makes it compatible not only with laptops but also with iPads and various tablets. Its telescopic legs adjust to provide a secure fit for different device sizes, ensuring ergonomic comfort across the board.
Definitely! LaptUp is crafted to enhance your health and well-being during laptop use. By promoting a natural posture and reducing eye strain, it facilitates extended laptop sessions, making them both comfortable and productive.
Further up on this page, our colleague Tom demonstrates LaptUp's functionality and unique features in the video provided.

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