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A Revolution in Workspace Comfort & Functionality

Elevate your workspace with the ultimate ergonomic upgrade.

Meet the iconic ERGOZ desk

A tribute to Danish design tradition and timeless aesthetics

Danish design is characterized by simplicity, beautiful wood types, high quality, and craftsmanship. All of these elements are also characteristic of ERGOZ.

Quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship

The ERGOZ desk is crafted from quality materials that ensure a beautiful finish and a long lifespan.

Designed for the workplace of the future

The ERGOZ desk is a natural fit for the flexible and hybrid workplace.

Designed with you in mind

ERGOZ Desk is designed with you in mind and crafted to high standards to enhance your perfect home office environment.


With the ERGOZ table, a world of functionalities opens up

Recommended screen distance

Position your screen for optimal comfort and improved viewing experiences.

Ergonomic forearm support

Ensure a comfortable, ergonomic keyboard and forearm setup with the accommodating desk depth.

No power supply

Enjoy hassle-free operation without the need for electricity.

Built to last. 2-year warranty

Robust and long-lasting design, accompanied by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Portable and light

Benefit from easy transportation and setup thanks to its lightweight build.

Only one button

Experience ease of use with simple one-button adjustments.

Weightless height adjustable

Adjust the height effortlessly with the weightless adjustment feature.

Carrying strap for safe lifting

Experience ease of use with simple one-button adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ERGOZ Desk

Find the answers right here:
No assembly is required for the ERGOZ desk; it comes fully assembled and is ready to use straight out of the box.
Absolutely! Our weightless height adjustment mechanism allows easy alteration of the desk's height with a light touch, designed around a monitor weight of about 5kg/11lbs. Depending on the weight of the items on the desk, the necessary force for adjustment might vary slightly.
Currently, the ERGOZ desk is available in a universal size featuring a black powder-coated frame paired with a light vapor gray desktop complemented by an oak edge, offering both style and sophistication.
Yes, the ERGOZ desk offers smooth, stepless height adjustment, allowing you to find your perfect working position, whether sitting or standing.
Absolutely, the ERGOZ desk facilitates both sitting and standing positions, enabling an easy transition between the two to suit your comfort throughout the day.
The ERGOZ desk operates without a battery or electrical input; it utilizes a manual weightless technology mechanism for height adjustments, ensuring you have a reliable desk at all times.
Yes, we've designed the ERGOZ desk with environmental sustainability at the forefront. It employs high-quality recyclable materials for its construction, promoting a greener workspace.
To maintain the pristine condition of your ERGOZ desk, clean it with a dry cloth or use a damp cloth with mild soap for more stubborn marks. Avoid abrasive cleaners to prevent damage to the surface.
Yes, safety is a priority in the design of the ERGOZ desk. The desk moves only when the button is engaged, with soft close mechanism that slow down the movement to prevent pinching. Moreover, it features a lifting strap for safe transportation. We encourage users to exercise caution during adjustments.

Yes, we provide competitive shipping rates throughout Europe and can facilitate international shipping upon request. For further details, please contact

Yes, the ERGOZ desk is compatible with various accessories including standing mats. We also offer a range of tested add-ons like our StepUp™ accessory to enhance your experience and encourage healthier work habits.
"I've been giving the ERGOZ desk a try for a couple of weeks. Being able to change from sitting to standing so easily has really made a difference for my back pain. And I have to say, it really suits my space!"
Interior Designer
"I wasn't initially sold on the idea of an add-on desk, but testing out the ERGOZ desk has changed my mind. It's reasonably priced and straightforward to use, not to mention it's been kind on my wrists and forearms. Plus, it's no hassle to move it around when I need to."
Office Manager
"Working from home means I'm at my desk a lot. Switching to the ERGOZ desk has genuinely improved my day-to-day. It adjusts to just how I like it, fitting perfectly into my routine. If you're all about comfort and practicality, I'd say give it a go."
Software Developer
"The ERGOZ desk has made it a bit easier to switch between work and family time at home — it's simple to set up for work and just as easy to pack away when I'm done. It’s been a convenient addition."
Freelance Copywriter
NoBG_Jens Marketing Specialist
"I’ve noticed a good change since I started using the ERGOZ sit-stand platform. My back has been feeling better, and I find I have a bit more energy as I work through the day. It's been a positive experience."
Digital Marketing Specialist
"Working with the ERGOZ desk has helped me maintain focus during the day, being able to switch between standing and sitting has been beneficial. It’s a practical tool in my daily routine."
Financial Analyst
"Using the ERGOZ desk has helped reduce the discomfort I used to experience from sitting for extended periods. I've found that I'm feeling better overall during my workdays."
Data Scientist

Designed to fit into the home.

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