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Engage Core, Boost Productivity, Improve Posture

Not Just Comfort, but Continuous Engagement for Your Body

Introducing the Game-changing StepUp Platform

Balancing Ergonomics and Continuous Movement

With its distinctive multilayer design, StepUp redefines the standards of standing workspaces, striking an impeccable equilibrium between constant motion and relaxation – it’s a revolution for your feet.

Constructed from Superior Materials with Exceptional Craftsmanship

StepUp is diligently crafted with the choicest materials, ensuring lasting durability, unmatched comfort, and a sophisticated finish.

Perfect for Today's Active Workers

StepUp is not merely a platform – it’s a solution that champions and amplifies the dynamic essence of modern work environments.

Elevated Standing Experience

StepUp unfolds a new realm of standing comfort, masterfully designed to strike the right balance between activity and relaxation, redefining how you experience your workspace.


Step up with StepUp and discover a new dimension of standing comfort, transforming your workday into something truly special.

Ergonomic Movement Enhancement

Dive deep into a unique standing experience as StepUp’s design ensures you’re not just standing, but also subtly moving, activating, and engaging muscles.

Innovative Imbalance Design

StepUp’s intentional imbalance keeps you engaged, activating your core muscles, and ensuring you get the most health benefits out of your standing hours.

Two-in-One Stimulation Experience

Flip StepUp over and discover a different stimulation type for your feet, offering versatility in your standing experience.

Stable, Anti-Slip Platform Base

Stand with confidence. StepUp’s anti-slip design promises stability as you shift and move, ensuring a safe balance.

Portable & Lightweight Design

On the move? Take the StepUp innovation with you. Designed for portability without compromising durability.

Holistic Health Engagement

StepUp is all about total well-being. It promotes better blood circulation, engages core muscles, and champions a natural posture, revolutionizing standing.

Enhance Focus & Work Productivity

Elevate your productivity. The ergonomic benefits of StepUp make prolonged standing invigorating and stimulating for the mind.

FSC Certified Craftsmanship

An environmentally-conscious choice. StepUp is made with responsibly-sourced materials, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Frequently Asked Questions about the StepUp Ergonomic Platform

Discover the answers right here:
StepUp is intricately designed with a keen focus on ergonomics and standing comfort. Its unique imbalance feature activates and strengthens core muscles, promoting a healthy posture, thus elevating your standing experience remarkably.
StepUp provides a distinctive stimulation experience that both activates and massages your feet. Its innovative design offers versatility and optimal support for your feet.
Absolutely! Just turn StepUp over to experience a different kind of foot stimulation, allowing you to change up your experience throughout the day.
Yes, the StepUp platform boasts an anti-slip design, ensuring that the platform remains stable, no matter your movement.
StepUp has been crafted with mobility in mind and is both lightweight and portable. This makes it a breeze to carry the platform with you, wherever you work.
Without a doubt! StepUp is engineered to boost your health and well-being during standing tasks. It promotes enhanced blood circulation and core muscle activation, making standing periods exceptionally comfortable.
Yes, we place a high emphasis on the environment in StepUp's design. The platform is made from responsibly sourced materials and is FSC-certified, guaranteeing a sustainable production process.
Yes, the StepUp platform comes with a 2-year warranty. We stand firmly behind our product, ensuring our customers are fully satisfied.
You can catch a glimpse of how the StepUp platform operates in the video above.
NoBG_Mikkel Graphical designer
"I've tried a few standing mats over the years, but there's something about StepUp that feels different. My feet don't tire out as quickly, and I appreciate that little bit of imbalance – it keeps me standing more."
- Mikkel, Graphic Designer
"I bought StepUp out of curiosity and ended up loving the foot stimulation. Didn't realize how much of a difference it would make throughout the day. It's one of those things you didn't know you needed."
- Sasha, Freelance Writer
"Standing desks have always been a love-hate relationship for me. StepUp changed that. The unique design doesn’t just support my feet, it actively makes standing more comfortable. My posture feels better, and I genuinely look forward to standing more during my workday."
- Jasmine, Software Engineer

Raise your standing and boost your health, both at home and at the workplace.

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